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Mosquitoes, crickets and fireflies


One is scraping out a tune

And one is flashing as it flies,

But one reminds us by the moon

We're not all ears and eyes.


Late-summer nights are twice endowed,

But there's a third and that's a crowd.


Mosquitoes, crickets and fireflies.


That tremolo and fleeting hark!

Are music and a green-gold light

That never quite disturb the dark

Or quiet of the night.


But where night ends and we begin

Lurks one to keep us in our skin.


Mosquitoes, crickets and fireflies.


Come out, my love, come out with me,

Let's make our one moonshadow

And bathe in breathless rhapsody;

The firefly-lit meadow


Is constellated like the skies;

We'll navigate by fireflies


And lose ourselves—with one addition.

We'll pay the summer night's admission.


Mosquitoes, crickets and fireflies.

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